Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Sookshma Vayayama


A part of the rehabilitation activities initiative and “Train the Trainers” concept, YogaKshema Faculty have trained a group of volunteers who will facilitate and lead the residents of senior citizen care homes through a series of customized physical exercise sessions.

Facilitator led sessions are held on Sundays. These exercise sessions are recorded and used during the weekdays for the residents to practice by themselves. Currently, these activities are held at Ashraya Seva Trust Old Age Home located on Kanakapura Road. The training sessions for volunteers are conducted by YogaKshema Faculty members – Sri Vasant Jajoo & Smt. Lalitha Jajoo.

Depression Workshop

YogaKshema has partnered with Nisargopachar Kendra in Vadodara to conduct an extensive, experiential and immersive workshop on Overcoming Depression. The workshop is open for in-person participation only.


Knowledge as Medicine Series


The YogaKshema Care Group has organized a set of awareness talks under the “Knowledge as Medicine” series. These talks are focused on understanding the impact of Anxiety on our body, mind and behavior. The onus of these awareness talks includes understanding anxiety, differentiating anxiety and worry, or anxiety and depression, understanding anxiety from a neuroscientific perspective and ways of tackling it. It includes knowledge and experience sharing session open to all the participants.